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Dear Fairmount Country Club Guest,

On behalf of Fairmount Country Club, we are excited to host you at one of the premier private golf clubs in the metropolitan area.  To ensure your golf experience is as memorable as possible, please review the following before your round with us:

When arriving at Fairmount, please stop at the bag drop, located adjacent to the Clubhouse, where our staff will stage your clubs to use at the practice facility. After unloading your clubs, please park your car and head to the clubhouse to find the locker room attendant who will gladly assist with anything you may need. Like all Clubs, please refrain from changing shoes in the parking lot.
Our club features a driving range, short game area, and putting green. When using our driving range, please use our yellow low compression range balls (if available) for any club you may hit over 200 yards. Any golf balls hit over the net - right, left, or long, may lead to suspension of practice facility privileges.
Our course has four water stations available throughout the course, and a complimentary water bottle will be provided at the start of your round. A halfway house is available after hole nine, and a we have several options for dining  available after your round with accompaniment by a member.
A brisk pace of play is one of the most honored and vital traditions at Fairmount. It is the responsibility of each group to keep up with the group in front of them.  A foursome is expected to complete 18 holes in four hours and 10 minutes or less, or nine holes in two hours.
Any questions regarding the use of or payment for caddies or carts should be directed to your host or the manager of golf and caddie services, Herb Woodson.
Cell phones are prohibited from being used anywhere on the golf course or practice facilities with two exceptions: (1) Reporting emergencies that occur on Club property and (2) Contacting a member of the golf staff at 973.377.8901. Cell phone conversations are only permitted in the locker room or parking lot.
Our dress code is designed to uphold the tradition, decorum, and standard of Fairmount Country Club. Acceptable golf attire for men includes collared shirts, slacks, or Bermuda-length shorts.  Golf polos must always be tucked in with a belt, with headwear turned forward. Long sleeve turtlenecks and long sleeve mock turtlenecks are considered collared shirts. Headwear must be removed anywhere in the upper level of the clubhouse. 

For women, acceptable golf attire includes tailored slacks, capris, shorts, or golf skirts. Shorts, skirts, or skorts may not be shorter than mid-thigh. Sleeveless tops and short sleeve tops must have a collar or be raised to the neck.
Soft spikes are permitted throughout the property, except in the upper level of our clubhouse.  Cargo shorts, denim, and metal spikes are strictly prohibited.